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It's not just an image – it's an emotion, a moment, a story waiting to be told. Your story.

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Explore the art of personal storytelling through authentic photography that speaks to the heart.


Capturing Life's Unspoken Tales

Meet Jona

As a Prague-based photographer, I focus on capturing life's authentic moments with a touch of artistic flair.

My photography is a blend of empathy, creativity, and depth, specializing in portraying the uniqueness of women, couples, and families. Every frame I capture seeks to tell a part of your larger narrative – your unique story. Join me in this exploration of genuine emotions and the creation of timeless memories that resonate beyond the ordinary.

Kind words

Hear what clients say about their experience and the memorable moments we've captured together.

October 2023

I'm excited about Jona's work! Her creativity and photography skills are incredible. Each image captures a unique beauty and emotion. She was great to work with and the results are amazing. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a talented photographer with an overlap.

Radka, Owner of a Beauty Salon
September 2023

Jona is the obvious choice, she makes taking pictures absolutely comfortable, as if you were having coffee with a friend, and you don't even know about the camera. For me, she is a moment hunter and I always look forward to her photos. Engagement, wedding preparations, wedding anniversary, or just photos for yourself? I have them all at home and I really like looking at them.

Katerina T.
May 2023

Jona is an amazing photographer with great ideas and the ability to create a pleasant atmosphere where one calms down and thus looks very natural in the photos. The photo processing is always extremely fast and I'm always amazed at what it can do. We have worked together several times and the result is always perfect. I recommend it for any type of photography!

Mari J.

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