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Based in Prague and traversing across Europe, I aim to capture the essence of your story, wherever it unfolds.

I'm Jona,
a photographer, traveler, feminist, wife, and loving mother. My life is a journey of constant growth and embracing the beauty of challenges.

Embracing Challenges
Stepping out of my comfort zone is a path to growth. Each challenge overcome is a step forward in my journey of self-development, driving me to learn and evolve.

Grounded in empathy
My interactions are based on respect and understanding. This approach defines not just my photography but also my parenting and how I connect with the world.

A Feminist & Advocate
As a feminist, I advocate for understanding and respect in all facets of life. My work reflects this belief, aiming to empower and uplift through the lens.

Being Present
I cherish being fully present, whether it's in sharing moments with my family and friends, hosting dinners, exploring new places, or enjoying the solitude of running, walking, and yoga. These activities ground me, reminding me of the beauty in the everyday.

Professional Journey & Passion Projects
My career is rooted in marketing and e-commerce, where I've honed my skills in various projects. Today, I extend this expertise through hands-on consultations for small, female-led businesses, blending strategic insights with brand photography to tell compelling stories. Additionally, I've cultivated a community of women photographers in Czechia, fostering a space for growth and collaboration.
See my website with hands-on consultations for female-led businesses and e-commerce projects.

My approach to photography

Capturing genuine moments and connections

My approach to photography is an extension of my life philosophy – thoughtful, empathetic, and always in search of depth. As an ambivert, I enjoy meeting new people and find social events energizing, yet I often experience a touch of shyness initially. This unique perspective helps me connect deeply with those who might feel introverted or shy in front of the camera.

Whether it’s the tender interactions of a family session, the empowering aura of a woman’s portrait, or the unique intimacy of a wedding, my focus is on creating genuine, emotive images that resonate deeply. Having navigated a complex relationship with my own emotions, photography has become a tool for me to explore and feel more deeply. This personal journey drives me to prioritize capturing emotions in my work, valuing them above all else. I believe in capturing the unguarded, spontaneous moments – those bursts of laughter and tender glances that truly define a relationship. Blending the candid with the artistic, I strive to encapsulate the essence of each individual and relationship in every frame.

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