Best way to reach out

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, please read this before contacting me

For all inquiries and shoot arrangements, I prefer communication via email and aim to respond within 2 workdays. Providing detailed information in your initial email facilitates a quicker planning process.

If you have an urgent shoot requirement, please email me the details (location, date, time, and budget) while also send a brief WhatsApp message. This helps me prioritize your request.

Please note that weekends are my designated time for personal recharge, so I’ll attend to emails received during this time on the following workday. Additionally, during vacations, an automatic email response will be active. For urgent requests related to my travel location, feel free to send a WhatsApp message, but remember, planning ahead is always preferable.



Prague, Czechia


+(420) 774 859 400

Please use social media exclusively for updates and insights. For planning shoots, I kindly request that you reach out via email.

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